Tradition, Flavors and know-how

Since 1983, ManarThon has been striving to combine 1st quality fish and know-how. Our manufacturing is a mixture of traditional methods and ultra modern manufacturing processes. A great part of the work is hand-made by our workers, following an ancestral and irreplaceable expertise, thus ensuring faultless quality.


Such quality is also the result of our raw material: fish and first quality oil.
Manar Thon is committed to your health
A strict application of international health standards, which guarantees the preservation of the nutritional properties as well as of their original flavor.

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  • Virgin olive oil
  • High nutritive value (Omega 3…).
  • Product traceability
  • Strict compliance to the cold chain.

The particularly innovative Manar Thon factory is undoubtedly a jewel of the Tunisian food processing industry. Its activities evolve around three areas:

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  • A unit for the production of Tuna cans
  • A unit for the production of Sardine cans
  • A unit for the production of Fish Meal

Covered area of 13 000 m2
500 employees including 20 managers.
Daily capacity of processing 60 tons / day (50T / 10T and Tuna / Sardines)
Cooling capacity: O cold ( 0°C ): 5 T/ storage chamber ( -25°C ): 3500 T/o freezing tunnel: 12T / 12-hour

Label : El Manar, the leading Tunisian (60% market share), range of 15 products Certifications:

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  • ISO22000, ISO9001 and European health approval 22.
  • Presidential Award for the promotion of Tunisian export since 2009

Manarthon complies with the ICCAT standards for the fishing of blue fin in the Mediterranean Sea . Experts of the ICCAT are present for every sea outing of our fishing boats, in order to control all the stages (compliance with seasons, quotas and sizing).
Tuna boats are fitted with refrigerating equipment, which enable the preservation of fish freshness.Manarthon is also part of the international program Save the Dolphin

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