Horchani Dattes™, the first private grower of dates in Tunisia is indeed a real pioneer in the field of exporting and one of its prime leaders since 1930’s. As it happens every year, in October, 1.200 tons of sweet and pleasantly aromatic dates, exquisite fruits of modern and ecological cultivations, are collected by Horchani Dattes.

Half the crop, 600 tons, belongs to the most appreciated variety in the world, the peerless DEGLET NOUR.

As a company, Horchani Dattes™ reputation relies primarily on the ultra modern equipment of its industrial processing facilities allowing treatment and exportation about 3.500 tons of dates every year. These dates come in 4 trademarks well known all over the world: Kartago, Palm Fruit, Eden and Sultan.

This well-deserved reputation is the result of the uncompromising and rigorous work methods adopted by Horchani Dattes™ at the factory in production and distribution ,thus guaranteeing the highest possible quality of products.

Horchani Dattes™ is the inheritor of an ancestral tradition by generations followed generations in the Horchani family who have grown dates for more than two centuries, that divine fruit, the source of life in the desert. It is a family-owned and managed enterprise founded upon the exploitation of the largest plantation of date palms in the Tunisian Sahara, located in the valley of Saba Abar, in the heart of Djerid Oasis.

It is there that the Horchani Dattes™ family has been devoted, since the 19th century, to growing several varieties of thousand-year-old dates peculiar to the region. These dates are absolutely unique in appearance, taste, aroma and quality, which ranks them, today, as the best in the world.

Horchani Dattes™ has taken up the challenge to match the purest tradition with modern production.


First producer, conditioner and exporter of all the varieties of dates in Tunisia.

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  • Number of employees: 490
  • Treats and exports an overall mass of 3.000 tons per year of the best dates (DegletNour, Alig, KhouatAllig – Kuwat , Kenta)
  • Production site : valley of Saba Biar in the middle of the oasis of Djerid in the south of Tunisia .
  • Exports natural dates ” DegletNour “, under various labels (Palmfruit, Eden, Sultan et Nour) ; those dates are conditioned in bulk or packed
  • Horchani Dates products are certified by various and prestigious international organisms.

Horchani Dattes™ is certified ISO 9002, HACCP and BRC, strict quality control at all stages of production remains our first and ultimate objective. Horchani Bio Dates is certified by ECOCERT, BIO SUISSE and NOP.

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