The Horchani Group, asserts a presence remarkable and notice in wide variety of sectors of economic activity, from agriculture and farm-produce industry to hotel and real-estate within its numerous companies.

In the farm-produce sector, HORCHANI DATTES packages and exports dates. Horchani Olive Oil, specializes in the extraction and bottling of olive oil, “SanyetFarès” takes charge of farming and STEAS of the breeding of chickens.

The Horchani Group also asserts itself in the sector of fishing with the Tunisian Company of Fishing and companies : ManarThon, Médigel and the Company of Export of sea products which dedicate themselves to the marketing of sea products, conservation, freezing and export.

Horchani Distribution produits de mer produces and commercializes the smoked salmon, Horchani Madragues has for object the fishing and the treatment of navy sorts. The The Horchani Group is strongly present, in the tourist sector with companies Hotellerie et Tourisme Saharien, Odyssée Palace, specialized in the tourism, as Odyssée Management, company of management hotel business and Promocar for the rent of cars.

The The Horchani Group is also active in the real-estate sector and in the construction sector with Horchani Immobilier, company of real-estate , the South Building firm, STUMAC who sells building materials and MEDICAR which processes stones in our quarries. Finally, the The Horchani Group is present in the commercial domain with companies: : Horchani Commerce, Intercom and Kartago America Inc. which dedicate themeselve to the international trade